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Waiting for Christmas

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 15 Nov, 2017 14:34:05
It is that time of year again so here we go.
I'm currently waiting for a large shipment of models from the USA. I've no specific date for its arrival as the supplier has not yet finished making the several thousand packs of minis I have ordered.
Some of these have been on order since early October but the US show Fall in put a crimp in that idea as the US factory obviously took care of the show before my order.
In the meantime I had perforce to add more packs to the order to cover sales and re-stock for the coming month. This means it takes the US longer to fill the order.

Once this shipment arrives here then back orders will go out on a date order basis- those who have waited longest first until we get to the current date- or as close as we can.
The same- on a smaller scale goes for Drabant except to say that I know the current shipment from Russia is already en route to me.

Christmas ordering

Please check if we have an item in stock either by email info@oldgloryuk.com or phone- 01207 283332 .
Our last posting day this year will be December 21st though this does not guarantee delivery before Christmas as that will be up to the post office. We will not post out again until after the NEW YEAR though as always the website will be in operation.