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New Stuff in time for Derby Worlds

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 30 Sep, 2017 08:31:46
Newest releases in time for the Derby Worlds next week.
All from Blue Moon and all in 15mm
The Boxer Rebellion
Boxers Chinese Regulars , Tartar Cavalry and Great Powers forces for the British , Americans, French, Austrians Italians Russians and Japanese

Over 30 new packs in this range alone.


Napoleonic Russian Cossacks 8 new packs including Cossack Artillery crew.
French Seven Years War
5 new Infantry packs

All available on the Website under Blue Moon - simply click on the pic then on 15mm Blue Moon to access all the Blue Moon categories and see the full range of almost 1000 packs of 15mm miniatures .

We will have all of the Blue Moon 15mm ranges at the Derby Worlds.