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New 28mm from Drabant.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 14 Jun, 2017 17:04:02
I've received a re-supply from Drabant in Russia including 4 new packs of fantastic additions to the Dark Ages range
The Normans get a new personality- one Ivo Talifer on a reraring horse.
The first pack of a new range of picts is now available.

the photo shows pack D2806 Early Slav Infantry.

A pack of Pecheneg Horse archer has also been added.
The eagle eyed amongst you may search in vain for a 4th new code but there isn't one !
The 4th pack is a complete new set of 4 figures for code A2802 Saxon Fyrd. These completely new models replace the old rather static set
check out the range

for the Normans
The whole Drabant 28 mm range now stands at 33 different packs of high quality miniatures.