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Durham Wargames Group show.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 24 May, 2017 14:06:57
Now regular readers will know that"officially" Old Glory UK don't go to this show .However equally I have been going to it for the past 6 or seven years with my Wargames Group and putting on demo games . This year is no exception.
The game this year will be a 40mm Wars of the Roses encounter with the majority of the figures coming from the Romanoff miniatures Wars of the Roses and Late Medieval range


As always you can order stuff to pick up at the show- save yourself a few quid on postage- Simply email me direct on


and I'll sort it out and let you know prices and so forth.

So this is where we will be on June 10th . It should ,as always, be a good fun day.