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Old Glory UK News Desk

New Blue Moon ECW and SCI-FI

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 07 Nov, 2016 12:32:40
A bundle of new releases are now up on the site ready for sale. There are around 20 packs in the first release of the Blue Moon 15mm English Civil War range. This is right up my street and there are superb!
More will be added in early December with my next shipment from across the pond.
Also added are 3 more packs of the Blue Moon SCI-FI range afain in 15mm Designed for the Galactic War One rule set these are still generic enouhg to fit in with almost any Sci-Fi system. THere are now 22 packs different packs of miniatures in stock plus a few vehicles- more vehicles will be added later.

Arrivals and Departures.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 29 Oct, 2016 10:44:38
An 11 crate shipment from the USA arrived here on Thursday afternoon(27/10/16).This has now been unpacked and the first group of 40 plus back orders has been posted out.
More will follow on Monday as we work through the weekend.
My next order to the USA will go off to them once they return from their major show Fall in around November 11th .
I would hope to take delivery of that in Early December. That will be the last shipment of 2016 .
The next order will go off to the USA in late Dec/early Jan2017 for delivery in time for the York show in early February.

Christmas ordering.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 20 Oct, 2016 10:46:35
OK so I know it is still October but I have to think ahead and I will be ordering from the USA only 1 more time before Christmas. The actual order will go off sometime in November for Delivery Late November/Early December.
So if you want anything special that I have to order or larger quantities then let me know as soon as you can.
The"6for5" deal will apply to telephone orders.
We are not doing any more shows this year- our next show will be York in February.

Currently I'm waiting for a shipment from the USA which I hope will arrive in the next week or so. As well as a pretty serious re-stock this lot should see the first tranche of the new Blue Moon ECW range which I can't wait to get my hands on - being an ECW nut myself.
Once I have this shipment in hand nd its is all sorted out those chaps who have been waiting for stuff will get it in Date order- longest waiting- first to be posted.
Thats all the News that is fit to print this bulletin !!
Andy Old Glory UK

Derby World Wargames October 1st 2nd.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 17 Sep, 2016 10:34:08
Well Yes of course we will be at our favourite 2 day show of the year.

Castle Donnington
International Exhibition Centre
DE74 2RP

This is a cracking venue. All on one level with the added bonus of a bit of Motor Sport if you are lucky (Vroom Vroom!!)
We will have the following ranges with us
Blue Moon 15mm- all we have in stock including new releases and some sci-fi
Command Decision WW2-all we have including new releases.
Command Decision Moderns warfare all we have including new releases.
Fireforce Miniatures Technicals Taliban 1980s British Rhodesian and Argentinian ranges
Lil' Flyin' Fokkers- WW2 and Modern 1/100th(15mm) aircraft models all we have
Sash and Saber 28mm American civil war- all we have
Old Glory 25/8mm Italian Wars, Ottoman Turks, Wars of Religion, Normans Saxons Vikings Irish and Scots Dark Ages Armies. Wars of the Roses. Hundred years War Crusaders AND Colonials
1/600th Pre- Dreadnaught ships- including new Spanish and American additions.
10mm - A selection of Horse and Musket ranges - Napaoleonic ACW ECW and Marlburian
Drabant 40mm and 28mm All we have.

Yes the neverending "6 for 5" deal will be in operation .
Pre-orders welcome.

See you at Donnington

Border Reiver Saturday September 3rd

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 26 Aug, 2016 09:03:37
This of course is our next show. -As Old Glory UK are the sponsors of course we will be there.
This will be our last but one show of 2016 and the last for this year in the North-East.

We'll have in addition to our usual show stock new 15mm Modern and WW2 tanksand vehicles in 15mm Lots of modern US tanks and a good selection of new early WW2 Russian tanks . All in all something like 30 new packs of tanks and AFVs
Oh and the venue

Gateshead International Stadium
Neilsen Road

See you on September 3rd.

Andy Old Glory UK

Claymore 2016

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 23 Jul, 2016 13:12:10
Saturday 6th August.
Edinburgh College,
Granton Campus.
West Granton Rd,

Yes of course we will be there.
With all our usual show stock and some new stuff as well
Blue Moon 15mm- as usual all we have in stock.
Command decision 15mm WW2 and Moderns- all we have in stock.
Sash and Saber 25/8 mmm ACW - all we have
Drabant 28mm and 40mm - all we have.
Old Glory 25/8mm - a selection of ranges including Dark Ages, Medieval Pike and Shot, and Colonials and any other we may have room left for !

Yes the "6 for 5" deal will be in operation!
See you in Edinburgh.

Alans and Cumans added.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 19 Jul, 2016 13:21:03
2 New packs of superb 28mm miniatures from Drabant have been added to the site and are for sale. Alans and Cumans were both steppe peoples who fought for and against the Russians and Byzantines. These splendid miniatures are up to the superlative standards I have come to expect from Drabant.
I'm expecting a further shipment from Drabant in the next couple of weeks so those customers awaiting orders will have them shipped out as soon as we receive our re-supply.

12 new 1/600th scale ships added.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 23 Jun, 2016 11:07:16
I've added new (to the UK0 1/600th ships to the Ironclad and Pre-dreadnought range.
4 more American ships (I'll be adding more) Seven Spanish ships and 1 Chilean.
This broadens the range considerabley. Now allowing thr Naval side of the Spanish American war to be gamed .
Also added are Bavarian Napoleonic Artillery Crews of which stock has arrived.

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