Old Glory UK News Desk

Old Glory UK News Desk

Partizan Sunday May 21st

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 16 May, 2017 10:45:37
As ever Old Glory UK will be at Partizan - in the spiffing new venue of the George Stephenson Pavillion, Newark Showground. Dove Lane Newark NG24 2NY.
We will be taking all of our usual show stock- Blue Moon 15mm Command Decision, Lil'Flyin' Fokkers Sash and Saber 28mm ACW as well as a selection of Old Glory 25/8 mm figures including the Italian Wars and the Ottoman Turks
Pre- orders are welcome- but be quick. Don't forget the "6 for 5" deal on show orders.
See you Sunday

Carronade- Falkirk Sat. May 13th

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 08 May, 2017 13:50:56
Graeme High School
Callendar Rd.

Yes of course we will be there.
I've liked this show since it first appeared almost a decade ago- no quite but almost . Doesn't time fly ?
So a good little show - though not so little now and one of the best "middle-sized" events on the circuit.
We will be taking all of our usual show stock and as always the "6 for 5" deal will be in operation
Pre orders welcome but don't leave it too late.
See you in Scotland


Salute 2017 11 days and counting.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 13 Apr, 2017 11:06:26
As it write this it is a mere 11 days- actually a bit less- to SALUTE2017.
We are of coursE there on stand TB12.
Yes we will have lots of stock- all that we can stuff -legally- into our van.
Pre-orders are now mostly packed and ready for those chaps who took pains to order what they needed. A large shipement is due from the USA in the next few days which should plug most of the gaps in the ranges we bring..
You can still pre-order but orders will be taken from stock in hand as it is now far too late to get stuff from the USA- but we still have about 200,000 soldiers in stock.

See you at Ex-cel.

March Arrivals- NEW releases.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 10 Mar, 2017 12:29:17
I've now unpacked the 7 crates that arrived form the USA late on Tuesday afternoon.
Back - orders are now on their way for all but the more recent orders.
There are plenty of new additions for you to peruse.
Blue Moon 15mm
English Civil War.
8 new packs of cavalry and 7 new packs of guns have been added to this range- all available now.
3 new additions to the Napoleonic Minor Nations range
2 for Wurtemberg NMW3 and 4) and 1 pack of later Saxons (NMX27).

The next order to the USA will be the pre-Salute order so if you want to guarantee you Old Glory or Blue Moon purchases or need to order stuff that we don't normally carry as stock for collection at Salute (any Fantasy of Sci- Fi for instance) then check out www.oldglory25s.com
then contact me by email info@oldgloryuk.com by March 31st at the latest and I'll do my best to sort it out for you.

Salute2017 The Countdown Begins

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 24 Feb, 2017 09:21:21
Yes I know that it is only February 24th but the Salute 2017 countdown has already begun. It is no as long as you think until April 22nd
We will be on stand TB12 and as usual we will be taking as much gear as we can legally stuff into our van.
However such are the breadth of our ranges that we can't possibly take them all to any show
We WILL be taking the following
Blue Moon 15mm- everything we have the lot, all the packs that are in the UK will in our van
Command Decision 15mm WW2 and Modern- again all we have.
Sash and Saber 25/8 mm - the American Civil War range- now over 50 packs- all we have.
Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW - all we have , Hopefully including the upcoming Union infantry in Greatcoats.
Drabant 28mm - all we have.
Grandscale 10mm - All gunpowder ranges from ECW to Colonial.
Old Glory 25mm
A selection of ranges From the Norman Conquest to the Colonial Era including Pike and Shot Wars of the Roses, Medieval and any others we can fir in.
Space is limited however so some large ranges won't be coming

Pre- Orders
Pre-orders are welcome the deadline for pre-orders will be March 31st 2017 as that is the last day for getting orders in to the factory in the USA.
After that any pre-orders will come from stock already in the UK so please check with me
You can even order stuff that we don't normally carry as stock .
If the item is on the US website
then - given enough time we should be able to order it for you.
But the deadline for such orders is MARCH 31ST 2017
YES the "6for5" deal will be in operation.
Any Special orders- I.E. those items we don't normally have on the website should be paid for in advance
"Ordinary" pre-orders I.E. those items from ranges that are on the OGUK website can be paid for on the day or in advance as you prefer.
More info as I have it.
A copy of this piece will also appear on my Blog Glorious Little Soldiers.

See you all at Ex-cel on April 22nd

January Arrivals

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 20 Jan, 2017 09:56:30
This morning UPS informed me that I have 11 crates of goodies arriving at my door sometime today " before close of business"
This should mean that most of the chaps who are waiting for back orders should get them sometime next week, once these crates are unpacked and sorted over the weekend.
New stuff should include the Blue Moon 15mm English Civil War guns and some new Sash and Saber 25mm ACW as well as a serious re-supply for many other ranges.
This of course means that we will have plenty of stock to take to Vapnartak in York on the 5th February.

Happy New Year and Vapnartak order deadline.

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 04 Jan, 2017 10:26:02
Happy New Year. - Right that's over with so onto the important stuff !
Our first show of 2017 will be Vapnartak at York racecourse on Feb 5th.
A cracking show as I'm sure regular attendees will agree.
We'll be taking a big bundle of stock to the show.
All the 15mm Blue Moon ranges that we have including the stupendous new ECW range and the new Napoleonic Saxon Cavalry. Those 2 ranges alone so far total over 40 new packs and I should have more ECW in time for the show.
In addition we'll be taking all the 15mm Command Decision - both WW2 and Modern. All the Drabant we have - both 40mm and 28mm and a selection of Old Glory 28mm ranges.
Sash and Saber 28mm ACWand the various Blue Moon 28mm Boxed sets of Horror and Swashbuckelers.
Talking of28mm ACW we'll also have the stunning new range from Raven Banner Games.
This is a new US company whose products we are proud to add to our catalogue. So far it is only a small range specialising in the Western theatre of the war . The quality of the miniatures is excellent.
They will be on the site as soon as I can get my tekkies on the job. but here is a list of what will be available.

Raven Banner Games.

Old Glory UK are proud to announce that we are importing this fine 28mm American Civil War range. These models are compatible with our other 28mm ACW ranges and will add extra depth to them.

Models are in metal and sold unpainted and only as described and packaged.

RBG-01 “General Joe Johnston at Shiloh”

Pack Contents. 1 mounted and 5 foot figures.

Price £13.00

RBG-02 “General Pat Cleburne at the Battle of Franklin. “

Pack Contents 5 foot figures including General Cleburne,

Price £10.00

RBG-03 “The Fight for the Colours”.

33rd New Jersey Infantry at Peachtree Creek.

Pack contents.

14 28mm models. 7union and 7 confederate.

Price. £18.00

RBG-20 “33rd New Jersey –Marching “

Pack Contents 1 officer 2 standard bearers. 1 musician and 16 infantry.

Price. £25.00

RBG-21 “33rd New Jersey- Firing line”

Pack Contents 1 officer 2 standard bearers. 1 musician and 16 infantry.

Price. £25.00

RBG-22 “33RD New Jersey Attacking.”

Pack Contents 1 officer 2 standard bearers. 1 musician and 16 infantry.

Price. £25.00

RBG-23 “33rd New Jersey Command.”

Pack Contents. 1 mounted Officer I Officer on foot. 1 drummer, 2 standard bearers.

Price £11.00

More is promised from this new and exciting maker.

However back to the plot. As always the "6 for 5" deal will be in operation and pre- orders are welcome.
However If I need to order any items from the USA in time for the show then there is a deadline of Jan 9th otherwise I can't expect delivery from the USA in time for the show.

See you all at the Racecourse.

Just in time for Christmas

Old Glory UKPosted by Andy - Old Glory UK 16 Dec, 2016 16:18:56
This morning UPS delivered my last shipment of 2016 - 9 Crates of Goodies. The Old Glory UK elf(that me Dudes) has worked fast to break them al down and get all those toys sorted out. . The first batch of back orders is already on its way. A second Tranche will be posted tomorrow and others on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
There will be additions to the Blue Moon 15mm ranges in the form of more ECW(still more to come here) and Saxon Napoleonic Cavalry of the 1810-14 period. These won't go up until we have caught up -as far as we can- with the back orders.
Also on the additions list are some seriously cool new 28mm ACW by a US company called Raven Banner Games. These are really sweet and will be added to the site in due course.
Other recent releases include new Drabant 28mm Dark Ages figures and some additions to the Romanoff 40mm ECW/TYW range. This Romanoff range now runs to 25packs with still a few more to come.
This will probably be the last News Desk post before Christmas so have a good one and see a Happy New Year.

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